Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WATCH: Sherif Abd El Mon'em The Isolationist #Egypt Song شريف عبد المنعم - باب بلدنا

Egypt, I fuc*ing Love you song just arrived by new comer Sherif Abd El Mon'em. There are flags everywhere, but what the artist fails to see his version of Egypt has no place for 51 percent of its people. He calls for isolation, shut our country's door and protect it. This is a song written by an idiot who does not read the news, and has no idea what is going on. According to the clip, the only fallen ones are the ones who died on January 25th....no one after that. This is a nationalistic song that likes to talk unity but fails to deliver.

Sherif Abd El Mon'em - Bab Baladna / شريف عبد المنعم - باب بلدنا

In the second track he is supplicating to God to protect him and preserves him. He is a new comer who has the looks and decent voice, but little brains I can attest to. Sherif is yet another pop star who is trying to reach stardom by singing about Egypt. He calls on people not to destroy their country, funny the only unit that has been destroying the country and bulldozing things is the army.

Sherif Abd El Mon'em - Ghany W Fa'eer / شريف عبد المنعم - غنى و فقير


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