Monday, August 26, 2013

Mohammad Assaf Makes Them Dance In #China

A cute Chinese boy in the mainland has been recorded dancing to the beat and the song of Arab Idol winner Mohammad Assaf. It's a cute video and hope it's real and not fake. It's unclear how the boy got to know about Assaf and his most famous Palestinians Kuffyah song, that won him the show.

The Palestinian star has been talking about concerts in Morocco and Bahrain where he will travel to meet with his fans and do his most famous songs. The talented singer will entertain his audience and travel to wherever they are singing for them for once and two telling them Palestinians stories.

In other Assaf news, some are upset with a hand gesture he made--the four fingers, a gesture that has been used by supporter of President Morsi. In fairness, it's unclear what Mohammad meant, and if he meant to get political. Here's the post with the picture in question

دبكة ولد صيني على انغام اغنية محمد عساف - على الكوفية

دبكة ولد صيني على انغام اغنية محمد عساف على الكوفية

فيديو اغنية (علي الكوفية) .. محمد عساف

Dabke Chinese boy to the music of song Mohammed Assaf - keffiyeh
生於中國Dabke的音樂歌穆罕默德·阿薩夫 - keffiyeh


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