Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WATCH: Carole Samaha - Wahshani Bladi / كارول سماحه - وحشاني بلادي Best Cure To Homesickness

I miss you my homeland, is a song on Carole Samah's 2013 album, it was an instant hit that mixed the classics with the contemporary and dazzling lyrics. The song is available, but the music video should be releasing soon. There is a teaser however, and Rotana is getting us all excited.

The music is the work of Mohammad Abdel Wahab, the well-known and legendary Egyptian musician. The lyrics are the creation of Wael Gomma. The crisp sound arrangement is the work of the magician Jean Mari Chi. This is a timely song from Carole who knows a hit when she hears. She picks winners and this song of hers is a hit that will carry her name to generations to come.

This song will make you homesick, and if you already are, you might as well buy your ticket to head home. Let's see, she released this song on March 13, 2013. I went home April 15th and played this song to my family, they too loved it. I know Egypt and much of the Arab world hope Carole is right, that the good days will make a comeback.

Carole Samaha - Wahshani Bladi VC Teaser / كارول سماحه - وحشاني بلادي

Carole Samaha - Wahshani Baladi / كارول سماحة - وحشاني بلادي


  1. Is there a way I can get the lyrics in english? Love this song!