Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mona Amarsha's Husband Is A Player

Two things are bad, but only one thing can lead to serious violence. When a man is checking out other women, then he is being a man! It's awful and women will make the man pay for their wandering eye. If a woman does it, and she speaks about it, then she might suffer for it--sometimes it can get messy.

This might be simplistic, but it's true in most cases. Men are pigs, but no one is beating them up for desiring people other than their spouses. This is a topic because a new music video is being shot for Moroccans songstress Mona Amarcha in Beirut. The music video is about a man whose wife is trying to remove all other women in his life and puts herself in the center stage, literary.

Sure, that's sounds like a high school drama, but this is what passes for a music video nowadays. The song is titled, he raised my blood pressure! Her husband is the casting director for a play and she is winning all over the females. Mona knows her place, she is not trying to be a diva, I am a pop performer and she has made a comfortable living this way.

منى أمرشا: زوجي عينه لبرا


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