Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Listen: Hassan El Shafei "Mafeesh Mostaheel" ft. Nicole Saba & Abd El Basset Hamouda - اغنية نيكول سابا وعبدالباسط حمودة - مفيش مستحيل

This is the odd music video between the guy who sings for cab drives and poor people in Egypt, and the pop diva from Lebanon who happens to be a big supporter of women rights in the Middle East. But when it comes to music, both are rock stars with a loyal fan base that defies borders!

The beloved and hit music producer Hassan El Shafei--yes the judge on Arab Idol put these two odd elements together to make a pop duet to close the summer season. This is two random elements--good on their own put together to make one interesting track that came with so much hype. This is a fresh attempt to do something new by Hassan whose skills are hard to deny.

His work makes me like this kind of music, it's not too loud and it certainly does not get boring like club mixes tend to be. Abd El Basset Hamouda is the entertainer for those who do not get to be on TV and those who want to live outside the mainstream, he reaches those types. Nicole Saba reaches the more educated fans and chic demographics.

Two Thumbs up for this production, Hassan spoke about this for a long time, and after hearing it I begin to understand why. His song is about how nothing is impossible, and these are not just lyrics, the mere fact that those two entertainers who comes form two vastly different worlds are together, it's a testament to that.

Please note, this is one of the first Arabic songs where the name of the producer comes before the name of the artist to rightfully credit him for his hard labor.

Hassan El Shafei "Mafeesh Mostaheel" ft. Nicole Saba & Abd El Basset Hamouda - "مفيش مستحيل"


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