Thursday, August 22, 2013

WATCH: The Anti-John Kerry Song From Jerusalem #Palestine مستر كيري لاقيلك شي أهبل غيري أحمد داري ويوسف زايد

Mr. John Kerry, go find yourself another idiot is the title of the new indie song from the Jerusalem based Palestinian artist Ahmed Dari. The song is about common sense, negotiation in Palestine have brought close to nothing. The song goes and explains that if a donkey falls in one hole, he won't do it again. Yes, the Palestinians leadership keeps going back into the same hole.

The artist also lampoons key Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat--he should go and open a construction company. This is a light song with some fun in it, I think the message is clear and most people in Palestine agree with it yet they are so helpless. The duo of Ahmed Dari and Yousef Zaid have a music partnership/friendship that seems to extend beyond music.

 Mr Kerrey. مستر كيري لاقيلك شي أهبل غيري (نسخة مخففة) أحمد داري ويوسف زايد  ahmad dari


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