Friday, August 2, 2013

WATCH:كليب مي كساب "مهما حصل" Clip Mai Kassab Mahma Hassal #Egypt

If she is not an Egyptian girl with funk, she is not body at all. This is Mai Kassab for me, the young and cool cat of Egyptian pop. But this time, she is not to sing for love, instead to wants to help heal her people and tell them things are not that bad...whatever happens, we are one people.

She showed the spirit of Ramadan, the meals and the good company, the parties and gatherings are night, the food, the social scene. And most of all she brings her Egyptian flag and her million dollar smile. This song is sweet and keeps it entertaining away with politics. I think Ramadan should be a fun times, for all but espcially for the little ones.

Mai knows that and her song is all about good times, and the special occasion that comes once a year--for 30 days or so. Again, this thoughtfully cunning. And beautifully calculated.

كليب مي كساب "مهما حصل" Clip Mai Kassab Mahma Hassal


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