Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Going To Places You Never Thought Existed With Music

Without music life is a mistake.....is something Friedrich Nietzsche said. And I am going to say he got that right. I say this every time  I hear a good song that brings it all back. Every time, a song takes me to a warm place. I say he is right each time, I play a song that takes me back to a time that I have never seen but have heard plenty about.

This song is about revisiting the past, recalling the past with all its upsides and downsides. The lady Oum Kalthoum sang it decades ago and she transcendent to a new high. Fifty years later, another diva takes up the challenge and recreates this song in live experiences. You need to be a class act, you need to show that you have grace and being mysterious helps. Nothing ruins the recreation of a classic as much as egos and personas that do not add up.

What a great song, all around, such songs take us to where words fail us, they take us into a place that we have never knew existed. The music is the magic rug jetting around the glove, the voice of Amal is like that commander or a tour guide telling us what we are seeing.

امال ماهر - فكروني - حفلة


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