Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Picture: Elissa Leaks Her Hospital Picture In A Publicity Stunt صورة مسربة لإليسا في المستشفى

For someone reason Elissa went to a local hospital, we are being told she is ill and being treated. She took to twitter (cannot be that sick) to say she is OK and thanked her fans. Of course, there's a new music video released in two days, so the story about her being in the hospital is a good old-fashioned publicity stunts.

You know why, look at the leaked image for the romance/pop diva...she is resting on a hospital bed--black and white--who takes those pictures? And the giveaway, her well-styled hair! Realy? This is how her hair looks all the time? and how about that look on her face? She is like this all the time? If true, then Elissa has big problems

this is my take on her publicity stunt--she could use some news stories to help advance her career. But, if she is truly ill, I wish her well. Of course her new music video is for a song titled, "I've grown tired of you..." exactly how I feel about those shameful publicity stunts.

Keep on mind, to this date, Elissa has not commented on the supposedly leaked picture. It might also be a strategy to cast away the evil eye.

Elissa - Teebt Mennak "Teaser 2" / "2 إليسا - تعبت منك "دعاية



  1. i think u r the sick one ..and ur comments here proof tht its personal hate for elissa :)