Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WATCH: The Lackluster Sama Al Masry OBAMA سما المصري تفشخ اوباما وتسبه بالاب والام

I really did not want to circulate this video, but here I am. I am not a fan of what Sama Al Masry work. But she has done so much with so little talent. She essentially makes low-budget music videos where she is dancing, talking trash mainly about Muslims.

This time, she is trashing the president of the United States, and anyone who likes the ousted Egyptian president Morsi whom she made dozens of songs about. Western audience, need to know that she is not that popular or an important entertainer. She does however, make the news. Her songs bring up politics with the same smart a produce seller would approach the topic.

She is a celebrity but for many she is not an artist. Having said that, she is free to make whatever videos she wants to make. She has her fans--older sleazy guys who have seen better days. Now Sama's biggest supporters are those who hate the Muslim political parties, yet they let her further do damage to the image of the Muslims around the world as she carries a sword and pledges to kill the American president.

Another concern is her foal language, there is no place in Arab homes for this kind of profanity.

OBAMA You Are a TRAITOR سما المصري تفشخ اوباما وتسبه بالاب والام.


  1. When you get right down to it, how is she any different from someone like Sha'abola? He turned the same kind of lemons (more talent for being provocative than actual musical skill) into showbiz lemonade. At least she's trying to earn her fame instead of buying it like Paris Hilton did.