Monday, August 12, 2013

Transgender Song Controversy In Lebanon

Zein Shaker broke the pop mold in Lebanon by making a song about a woman he was about to marry who was originally a dude. Shaker is no stranger to Arabic music, he is a big stat who is certified in Cairo and its Radio with the biggest icons who have approved of him. Transgender is still a hot topic around the world, but not too many Arabic songs deal with this subject.

But the song has upset some people in Lebanon. The singer said he does not target people who have hormone issues. He supports those people, but he is aiming for those people who make choices to change their gender not because they have to. The artist in his interview is to bring an awareness about full grown men who like to dress and act like women, when in fact they are well equipped males.

Zain was defensive, he is saying the right things, but his song was vague, so let's not make a big deal of it. He is telling listeners about a serious issues like men who are pretending to be women--no man wants his wife hanging with a lady who is a full man. No American or Arab would accept this. Do not hide who you are, so if you are a guy, act like it.

If this is hormones, I think people have been supportive. The interesting thing they did have a transgender person speaking about the clip. This has been a civil discussion and a healthy one. I think sometimes a song is just a song.

No matter what his intention is, I salue Zein for his courage to tuckle this issue. Either way this is a good product for both sides on the issue.

للنشر- فقرة زين شاكر تزوجها فطلعت رجال


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