Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Elitist Snob @DrBassemYoussef Thinks 52 Percent Of #Egypt Are Unworthy

He went on a Twitter rampage to talk about his upcoming show. The well-known Egyptian funny man comedian turned political satirist whose favorite punch bag is the regime of president Morsi. He told so many jokes about the democratically elected elected president and some of them were even offensive.
Now as Morsi rests in an unknown place courtesy of the democracy loving Egyptian army and liberal forces.  Bassem Yousef is getting back into comedy after taking the month off during the holy month of Ramadan. He knows that now he is a very limited freedom of speech. I have been daring him to tell jokes about the Egyptian army and its most famous banana republic leader General Sisi.

I do not think armies have a good sense of humor. And Bassem Yousef might be taken into a military court if he insults the establishment of its leaders. This not some fabrication, Egyptian army is notorious in protecting its image and reputation and the have detains civilians and charged them with crimes of disrespecting the army.

Bassem Yousef likes to tell his fans, everything is a fair game--and it should be. But in reality he has a business to run and his saftey is important to him. Now the new interim president have passed a low to punish those who insult the resident with a fine of roughly 2000- to 5000 US dollars.
Back to Bassem Yousef, here's what he has to say about his jokes to come.
In one tweet, he says in Arabic of course, I hope those who are in power now, live up to the level of humor and material president Morsi has given me and his scandals. Translation, the Moris Regime is run by morons who suck at everything.

      اتمنى ممن هم في السلطة الان ان يتآلقوا مثل مرسي لتسهيل المهمة لنا. الوصول لمستوى فضائح مرسي صعب على اي حد :)
The thing is, when the brotherhood were in power is not the issue, they just give me rich material to work with, compare them with El-Baradei---translation they are idiots and not worthy to run the country. Flashback, El-Baradei will never be elected for anything.   

الموضوع مش بس ان الاخوان كانوا في السلطة الموضوع انهم كانوا مادة خصبة جدا.راجع حوارات البرادعي فرسس نوت اجانست مرسي 8:18 AM - 6 Aug 2013
No matter how hard I try to puke fun of the current regime, you will say it's as hard-hitting material as you did  during the one year of Morsi, because you know they are a joke--scandal. Translation  these brotherhood people are uneducated savages.
@DrBassemYoussef مهما اتريقت على اللي في السلطة حتقولوا: مش زي ماكنت بتعمل مع مرسي والاخوان لانكم عارفين انهم كانوا فضيحة بس مش بتقولوا ع النت 8:19 AM - 6 Aug 2013

The weird thing, those who hated my show, now are asking me to attack the other party. Didn't you consider me an enemy ? Don't expect anything from me?--translation, if you disagree with me, go Fu@#k yourself.
الغريبة ان من طعنوا و شوهوا فيا و تمنوا انهاء برنامجي يطالبونني بان اهاجم الطرف الاخر،الم تعتبروني عدوا؟ يبقي ماتتوقعش مني حاجة

8:24 AM - 6 Aug 2013

I do not know what to think anymore, this is sad when an elitist snob gets to be treated like a political figure. To his credit, he is a funny guy, he is also smart. But now since the brotherhood is out of power, and Bassem Youssef is happy to see his fellow Egyptians deport Syrians, Palestinians, Yemenis and even Noble Prize winners for having different opinions--in some cases no fault of their own. Needless to say, the only media in Egypt that has not been shut down is cheerleaders for the army and the new coup. It's a sad day when someone who preaches freedom of speech on his trips to America, does not stand up and defend the freedom of speech of others.

It's easy to point to the Islamists and tell jokes about them even when they are being murdered. This is why the Egyptian media is accusing them of murdering and torturing people. In the world of Bassem Youssef does he see a place for those conservatives? It used to be said that Islam is not compatible with democracy. Now, I see neither the army nor the liberals are compatible with democracy either.

د ايمن نور _ بين قوسين / المنار 05  2013 08


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