Saturday, August 10, 2013

WATCH: #Naked Elissa - Te3ebt Mennak Video Clip / إليسا - تعبت منك فيديو كليب


She is the romance diva that sells like no other; she is also a clever love icon among her army of fans. But for her her company, she is a gold mine. She promotes so many brands, and products that it's confusing. But the brand she has kept so well, is her own. At least one Arabic website, calls out Elissa on being partially nude on this joint. To be frank, for long, I have heard about artistic nudity, it wasn't' until today, after watching Elissa's Te3ebt Mennak, I finally understood what that term means.

See her get serenaded by handsome devil Alejandro (the handsome Spanish model)...he is no cheater, but he is a star too, however, Elissa is the bigger star. His stardom fades in comparison to that of his loving lady Elissa. She upstages him and to be frank she looks good, a new phase of some sort. Age is only a number, and Elissa numbers are getting only higher. Something changed and she looks very fresh in this spanking new look, and it works well for her. The new music video is nothing short of magical, and to be candid, its quality and production can even beats Hollywood's finest directors and songstresses. Elissa pack your bags, you are headed for the stars.

Not sure what to make of the shower/bathtub scenes, and that over exposure where she glows, but I am certain this serves the dramatic story-line. This is trouble in paradise, and the starlet is there to tweet it right before she takes on the stage. Two alphas do not really meet for long, I must say the director Salim Turk have outdone himself and kept the talent is focus not the affects like her previous clip from January of this year. Even the lighting is a feast to the eye, the colors pop right out and you keep hitting the reply button to see more. This is really it, Elissa dazzled folks a decade ago, now she goes farther.

In a way this is going back to the roots, the simple and original romantic soul she has become best known, not the one who dries to be overdoing it. I like the acting and the locations,  and I like the giant poster of herself and the dresses. One thing for sure, she is spending time in the gym with her personal trainer. I think the subtext, "I am not married because men cannot deal with me star power" A nice way to say, she is happy with what she already has, she needs to be appreciated. This is Elissa, the gorgeous look, the stylish outfits, and the graceful manners. This does not happen overnight, Elissa is now more mature than years ago and that serves her well.

Where have you been hiding? you are too important to be left out, this music video is the answer to all your critics, to eat their hearts out. Elissa means business and romance is her game, as for her fans, they have rightfully and gleefully dubbed her the queen of this genre. Another thing, Elissa's new music video alludes to domestic violence and for the first time in her career, Elissa shows fear--as she tried to dodge being hit by the love of her life. Next stop? you tell me...

Elissa - Te3ebt Mennak Video Clip / إليسا - تعبت منك فيديو كليب


  1. I know that style of cosmetic facial remodeling is a thing now, but doesn't anybody miss the days when celebrities didn't look like animatronic mannequins? If you're going to bash on Assi for paying a plastic surgeon to pull his forehead tighter than a drum skin, you can't give Elissa a free ride with all the work she's had done. One more trip under the knife and she'll be in the Uncanny Valley.

  2. I cannot really tell right now, but in the past I have seen obvious work done. They all get work done, the secret it to keep is not too obvious or worse if things go horribly wrong. thanks