Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WATCH: Ziad Rahbani live concert #Beirut Holidays 2013 زياد الرحباني في بيروت

The Lebanese stage is indeed a global stage. This is why the accomplished Lebanese composer Ziad Rahabni appeared on the Beirut Holidays stage and performed with English singing divas. This seemed like a scene from some sixties jazz saloon. This portion of the evening featured "DAKT" and Cinda Ramseur, Claudia Patrice, Peral Ramsey and Manal Semaan

This was a well-planned night with thousands of overly educated an opinionated folks who like to savor world's culture. I am not a big fan of noise, but in the right circumstances and presentation this music can be appealing. I am not sure how much rehearsal time they had but something seems to be off key. However, the Ziad Rahabni bit when accompanied by Arab artist, the show shines like these Fayrouz tribute songs. And why not all those indie singers with magical vocals,

 Last performance of Ziad Rahbani in Beirut Holidays 2013 نهاية حفل زياد الرحباني في بيروت

Ziad Rahbani live concert Beirut Holidays 2013 زياد الرحباني في بيروت


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