Friday, August 16, 2013

@DianaHaddad, The All-Arab (By The Way Of Lebanon) Pop Princess ديانا وبنت عرب


Few Arab pop icons look like your typical Arab Beauty, even fewer take pride in such look. Diana Haddad wrote the book on being one of the earliest pop divas to declare her Arabness. Her second music video of her career-the one she released in the mid nineties was about the desert and the folks who live there. It was all natural and made it so dazzling.

Mainly known as Diana Haddad, she is one of the most popular and successful singers in the Arab World and has been so since the late 1990s. She was a record-breaker since her first song Saken in 1996, and she is still considered one of the most successful Arab female singers and one of the best selling singers in the Arab World.

It also helped that she sings in that standard easy Arabic dialect that fits in every Arab country--call if the white dialect. Now comes, the news, she will be going to Turkey to film her latest music video--the last two music videos she made were a real treat. Diana is making all of us nostalgic to the early days of her awesome career--as of now she seems to want to connect with it. The yet to be talked about music video will be filmed with the capable Fady Haddad--no relation. Diana is working on a surprise song that will make folks happy. As for concerts, she will be headed to Morocco for a concert in late August. Another concert is scheduled in Dubai--Haddad's second home.

ديانا حداد لاقيتك والدنيا ليل قلتيلي مخطوبة


  1. Did you know she was pregnant in this video? That's why we put her behind so many boxes... That was the best of Diana , she is a trooper. Hope she makes a comeback.