Monday, August 19, 2013

@Elissakh Talks Politics and Misses, Sings And Hits The Spot

Elissa had a sold out concert in Lebanon with dozens of celebrities sitting in the front row. She is very smart lady and her fans come to expect the best form her. Many even wore t-shirts that declare their love for this romance gem.

However, since she had this big crowd, some people were in attendance had ill-intentions for her. She commented n the car bombs in the Southern neighborhood of Beirut consider what happens to them, happened to us", she also called herself and peers part of the resistance. The Lebanese diva even started her concert with the national Lebanese anthem and she sane for country and homeland.

She was trying to make the point, that these are our people and we are part of the struggle, we won't back down and we will not stop the party. Some misread what she said, and used it to get back at this successful diva whose music video of last week has reached a million. Some critics mocked her. This is a fair game, but I do not think she means harm. The great news, she had a concert and thousands turned out to attend and to have a good time.

At the same concert, she has also shared the stage with one of the young voices who appeared on the X Factor, the young Adham Nabulsi,

سوء فهم ينغص على إليسا فرحتها بنجاح حفلها

أول مره تحب يا قلبي / عندما جننت أليسا الجمهور


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