Sunday, August 25, 2013

Listen: Ramy Ayash - Wardiah 2013 / رامي عيّاش - ورديّة

He walked down the aisle and Dalida Said walked right next to him, the latest celebrity couple will now officially be called Mr and Mr.s Ramy Ayach.

Salim Assaf wrote the new song and the music, and the music production by Dany Helou, it's a sweet romantic song with a lot of promises of romance filled future. It's a rosy song that will make ladies feel like a million bucks.

As for the song , it's a good fusion of slow songs/loud dance songs, tarab , mawal, pop and high low energy. This is a manly song about a guy who likes to think he is the first love and the last love for his lady. Sweet lyrics, a little possessive for me, but the general mood and feel are happy and a smart choice for Ramy and the song behind this team.

Listen: Ramy Ayash - Wardiah 2013 / رامي عيّاش - ورديّة


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