Thursday, August 22, 2013

WATCH: The Fascist New Song From #Egypt @amrmostafa اغنية عمرو مصطفى - الارهاب | جديد

The farce musician turned political commentator Amr Mostafa is back and he has a song. It's a face this gifted musician has never stopped loving the Mubarak regime, why not when he has benefited from it and have enjoyed a great deal of connection and support. Plus this guy sees nothing wrong with corporation and corrupt business tycoons who stole the riches of Egypt and pay dirt to its people.

Two things I do not like from: Amr he sees nothing wrong in killing thousands in the name of protecting one's country and imagined identity. Meanwhile if he thinks someone might be killing in the name of religion, he calls it terrorism. The second thing I do not appreciate is his philosophy young people have to love the country for existing in it, that country does not have to neither represent them or do anything for them. Please note, how the army of Egypt takes money from taxes and turns around and tells people we will give you money and services from our budget--like they print money.

So what does he do when he sees thousands murdered in Egypt, he releases a song and titles it terrorism. If you think Islam has a place in politics, you are terrorist by default. When it comes to his love for the army, he is a fascist to the extreme. Foreigners are bad news according to Amr Mostafa. This is not a new melody he just used it last month and now reuses it with new lyrics to vilify 51 percent of Egypt. Amr must be so proud his idol Mubarak is free and all of his foes--liberals and Islamists are either rotting in jail or being vilified. Tamer Hussein wrote the lyrics and most of the new Amr Diab album.
اغنية عمرو مصطفى - الارهاب | جديد

حصريا اغنيه عمرو مصطفى الارهاب


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