Sunday, August 18, 2013

Watch: The Sweet Romantic Duet By @RamyAyach @HaifaWehbe اغنية هيفاء وهبى ورامى عياش - انا عم بحلم فيك

They are both sex symbols, both are Lebanese and both are popular entertainers....they join for forces and sing a duet. Haifa Wehbe, the bombshell and Ramy Ayach, the handsome stud. She brought out the best romantic girl version of herself, he worked hard to revive his sweet tongued lover. This airy duet between unlikely pairing of actors/singers who tend to cater to different (but large) fan base.

Some of the most romantic songs recorded have been duets, chances for people who, romantically involved or not, enjoy performing together enough to create a love song that touches couples for decades to come. While the chemistry is important, I do not think they stars of this duet are in love, but I know they both seem to love and respect one another other. These songs create the perfect mood for weddings, anniversaries, or even a karaoke date. The new song is one of them, and I know it comes in a time when most the Arab people are seeing nothing but hatred.

It could take you forever to wade through cheesy and badly-sung duets to create the perfect love song play list for Valentine's Day or a romantic evening. This is a song the kind you see in dreams, it just landed upon us as a surprise, and it aired live on LBC. The music is pretty piano focused, the kind we imagine heaven choir would play. Ramy's voice sounds very strong yet very much in love. Haifa Wehbe worked hard to channel the voice she does not let out very often.

The always fresh, Michael Fadel wrote the dreamy music, the lyrics have been crafted by the magical Nadine Al Asaad

Haifa Wehbe and Ramy Ayach - Ana Am Behlam Fik هيفا وهبى و رامى عياش - انا عم بحلم فيك


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