Thursday, August 15, 2013

WATCH: The New #Arafat Song By Hany Shaker 2013 جديد .. هاني شاكر يغني للشهيد ياسر عرفات

Hany Shaker is the prince of the classical romantic song, and he has done his fair share of the blues. As this time it seemed he sang a special song for the late Palestinians leader Yasser Arafat. There are some nice archival footage of this beloved Palestinian leader.

I was not aware that Hany Shaker would do such patriotic songs, but nevertheless, he seems to have done this one. The song is not specific to Arafat, it might be about any ill Arab leader who is beloved by his people like Arafat was. For many this is an emotional song.

I do not think this is a new song, it might have been released in 2003 when he went to that French hospital only to return in a coffin.

2013 جديد .. هاني شاكر يغني للشهيد ياسر عرفات

2013 هاني شاكر يغني للشهيد ياسر عرفات


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