Friday, August 9, 2013

listen: نادر / يا ليلة العيد بصوت أصاله Oum Kalthoum's Eid Song By Asalah

She performed this song live and has yet to record it. A classic by the lady Oum Kalthoum gets remade by a lady from Syria. A song about the Eid recorded by the voice of Asala, and bringing out the good stuff. This is a mellow song with some recognizable melody, but the one line verse plays every time, the Eid comes. Or we can just play it to think Eid is near.

Not a great song for those who do not appreciate the oldies, but the song has a value. The Eid's eve, is a Tarab song,

نادر / يا ليلة العيد بصوت أصاله


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