Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ruben Studdard Of #Egypt أغنيه مصطفي ابراهيم واحده لسه بتتكسف Song Mostafa Ebrahim

The name is Mostafa Ebrahim and he wrote his own music for the break out single he just released. The song for a new comer went viral and most internet sharing sites made it available for listening and downloads across the board. Rarely do new comers get that kind of attention, but Mostafa did it. This might not be his frist song, but it's the song that gave birth to his career.

The thing about the young musician is his look, he does not look like your typical skinny pop stars in jeans. He might had to work extra hard to proof his talent. I tell him, you sir have a very  heart warming voice. Your love song, the very romantic atmosphere you have created with this is hard to come by. It's a bittersweet song. Sweet as this guy loves with no limits, bitter because he loved the wrong person.

You really want to tear up for this song which has been creatively titles, I want someone who gets shy. like that of the much coveted virgin love. You have not changed one bit, you still look the same but your beauty has doubled....this is how the song kicks in. excellent single from a new comer who really has something powerful to say. I have never met an Arabic song that has rock music that I did not like. Mostafa composed a good feel-good song with upbeat music to prop up the overall mood.

أغنيه مصطفي ابراهيم واحده لسه بتتكسف Song Mostafa Ebrahim Wa7da Lesa Bttksef


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