Saturday, August 31, 2013

WATCH: Gorgeous Dina Hayek Romantic Comeback دينا حايك تعود للرومانسية ب "إتركني حبك"

Dina had what I call a gorgeous comeback, and it's all about romance. Dina Hayek has a song in the can, she has not sang romance in few years, but she is only a star because she had a pop song that was so romantic and it came out in 2005.

In one way the Lebanese beauty has just finished a new song, and I love these sweet lyrics Dina and her team created. It seems the lyrics were written by "Nicole Hayek"a relative for Dina.  The music is by a young composer names Jad Qattrib. This song is change of page for the hit-maker after releasing dance, and folksy songs in the previous three years.

Dina had a sold out concert in Jordan as she works her way quietly in a steady comeback. Seriously, Dina, this is the one we miss, stick around.

Dina Hayek - Interview دينا حايك تتحدث عن "تركني حبك " وتصورها قريباً

دينا حايك تعود للرومانسية ب "إتركني حبك"


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