Saturday, August 24, 2013

Melissa with PSY in Jounieh / حفل ميليسا في جونية

She had the wildest live performance, and it was not just the dress, but her choice of songs are catering to the young music lovers who like someone that never stops so long so the music goes. Melissa is her name and she had a sold out concert in this Lebanese city. She is kind of a big star among those who consider sexy as part of the pop star personality.

But then, something else happened, PSY emerged on stage--yes, the South Korean global star who went viral. Melissa is no stranger to performing with international stars, she has at least performed with three others--O am looking at you Akon. Melissa and the global star owned the night.

Among her latest news a song being made for her by the global celebrity and dance doctor, the French DJ  David Vendetta.

Melissa with PSY in Jounieh / حفل ميليسا في جونية


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