Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Indie @hanyadelartist Makes A Controversial Song

Truly, I am a fan of his, and his music. Sometimes I have liked his politics, but the vocal anti-Mubarak indie artist has been one of those voices that hit the mute button on politics. Hany is an active member of Egypt's lively entertainment industry, the same industry have either supported ouster of the democratically elected president or stayed silent.

Hany Adel is awesome because less than five hours Mubarak and his regime were brought down, Hany Adel had a hit song ushering in the new era of freedom, justice and equality. He also kicked off the race for great indie rock music that took over Egyptian airwaves for two years. Almost two months have passed, and the same singers who sang for freedom and democracy have been mum. Some fear that their songs might lead to more bloodshed so they sat out of the airwaves. He remains one of the biggest indie names in Egyptian music and had he not been a big deal, we would not have bothered writing this critique of his new sarcastic song.

After all is done, Hany released two songs, one romantic and the other sarcastic. has a new song about being alone or feeling lonely, but it's a love song where he is telling a story about things he fears going wrong. Hany Adel can sing, but his songs won't change a thing as long as he does not speak up. As a song separate form everything else, it's a sober song about love in the time of war and hatred. He delivered a great performance.

Then But this does not stop there, the artist shared a new song where he makes fun of the military curfew, and for the first time in his career, the artist puts a declaimer on his song. The song is about a guy who is unable to go on date in Egypt due to the curfew as the movie theaters, gyms and other fun hangout places shut down. If this is not fear, I do not know what. Had Morsi put the siege, I think Hany would be more aggressive in his charges. But as the army will stick his ass in jail, he chose to use light-hearted song. He even sings in English here and I am having a hard time taking him seriously. Those are simply my opinions on this matter, it might be much bigger than Hany Adel, but this is the sad reality.

Update: As the artist says in the message before the song starts, this song does not intend to disrespect or offends anyone. Hany values every Egyptian life that has been lost. He is a super star among cult music fans. If I understand correctly  his message is intended for slackers who live in disconnect from whatever happens in Egypt. He wants to remind people that not everyone is involved in politics and not everyone is as passionate as they are. that every body has to involve in what happened in his/her country and not to think only about your self   Obviously Egypt is too big for one party, one leader and once voice. Hany wanted to talk to a group that has not yet spoken out. They just want stuff to work, they do not care who is running the show or who is in parliament. In this sense Hany has tried done something that stirs the pot, which is what good art does.    

Hany Adel - El7azr Ya Baby | 2013 هاني عادل - الحظر يا بيبي

 اغنية هانى عادل - الوحده 2013 hany adel - elwehda  asmaa moaa


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