Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here Comes @HaifaWehbe As Sexy Catwoman @ Ehmej Concert #Lebanon

No other pop star generates the volume of news Lebanese pop star and media personality Haifa Wehbe does. In her concerts, she chose outfits that literary makes people want to look, even those who do not usually listen to her, they are helpless.

She is gorgeous, the world already knows that. But her looks is all hers. She works hard on her fashion and all her appearances are worthy of the press. Take for example her most recent concert at home, for the Ehmej music festival. Haifa Wehbe. No idea what kind of dress she is wearing, but I know this, you will look over and over again try to figure it out, analyze it on the hopes you will be able to see something interesting.

Her concerts are huge draw, and you know if you book her, you are getting everyone and their mother including their little kids too. It doe snot matter what she sang that evening, I am sure it was entertaining, but the press has gotten her message over and over again, this is never boring pop personality that has the brains and the savvy of the world's finest self-marketer.

It does not matter if she sings the romantic duet she released last week, or that big hit from seven years ago, so long as folks see her, they are enjoying themselves.

Haifa Wehbe dancing live in Ehmej - 7arramt Ahebbak هيفاء وهبي في اهمج

Haifa's Cam: Ehmej Concert


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