Thursday, August 29, 2013

WATCH: The Bizarre Video Israeli Soldiers Dancing With Palestinians In #Hebron

Not sure what to make of this, and want anyone's help make sense of this video. It seems a group of Israeli soldiers were walking in the occupied Palestinians city late at night and they ran into a bachelor party in the Palestinians city of Hebron. They officers did what everyone who likes a good time, they joined the party. Their song of choice is gangnam style by K-pop sensation PSY.

While their behavior is rare and so random, the Palestinians reaction was even more outlandish. They dance with the officers of the army who would kill them at any chance they get. And guess what the youth in Hebron carried they soldiers on their shoulders and had themselves one great party.

I do not know if this video is right or wrong, but my creed is this, it's always good to have a good time. But the Israeli army is not too happy with this, they are investigating the officers and reports state they will be punished for "taking a risk and putting their lives in danger" In other news, some online commentary from Arab individuals had this to say, "The Arabs are murdering one another and the Palestinians and the Israelis are dancing together!"

The Israeli army has this to say, "luckily this dance episode went without problems and the soldiers went home with their weapons without incident" The videos who thought they can dance their way to peace are being suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. I do not have any reason to think that the video is fake.

جنود إسرائيليون يرقصون في حفل زفاف مواطن فلسطيني في الخليل


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