Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Listen: Amr Diab 2013 Album - Garraly Eh NEW SONG / أغنية عمرو دياب الجديدة - جرالي إيه

Egypt might be burning by who is to stop a new single for Amr Diab from being released? Bloodbaths in the streets, but Amr Diab is getting ready for his new album which will release on August 22nd. This is another loud fun song from this iconic pop star who has worked so hard for 30 years to be number one.

This time, he lets some emotions out, while the song is upbeat, Amr Diab does the best version of his emotional self. This is going to make some buzz at the album gets ready for shipping. To be candid, so far, I have yet to get excited with any of his two singles that were made public. Maybe I have heard too many songs, maybe I am getting a older....but I do not hear anything fresh coming form Amr Diab.

The problem with Amr Diab is that he can work with any name, no one is too expensive for him, but it seems he only works with those whom he can boss around and impose his vision on them. I think any album has to be the fruit of labor of many creative forces. Artists cannot afford being dictators with their albums, this is the issue I feel that keeps coming up here.  

Amr Diab - Garraly Eh NEW SONG / أغنية عمرو دياب الجديدة - جرالي إيه


  1. Amr still has a great voice, but he should make a record for grown ups, instead of chasing after the younger club market. When English-speaking pop singers reach a certain age, they get the urge to make a record of old songs to prove their talent and versatility. This model is reversed. The kids on the tv talent shows are crooning away on the oldies while the elder statesman is singing disposable discotheque songs.