Monday, August 26, 2013

Video: Assaf Goes To #Morocco And Entertains His Fans

Last night, Morocco met the Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf. Not only is he a worthy singer to listen to, he has befriended one of this country's own, Salma Rashid. Salma competed on Arab Idol, she was a favorite for so many of us, but due to her young age the judges thought she will have more time.

Did Assaf do a Moroccan song? The locals love their versatile musical heritage, but most singers fear to dabble into it because it's a tough art to copy. His army of fans were awaiting their idol, they have followed him on TV for over three months and now they get to meet the man behind the legend.

Assaf took his all-Palestinians songs to a wider and wilder audience who danced and sang with him as he took the stage. Doing that Kuffyah song-video below. He also did party loudly with the droves of young people. Assaf performed a number of romantic songs to good reviews.

محمد عساف من حفل المغرب


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