Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Godsend Waleed Al Shami Finds The Sweet Spot

Waleed Shami has found the sweet spot. He is an Iraqi hit-maker living in the Gulf, so he has to be nice to the locals. But he is so gifted so, he is certainly welcome over there. Though he is better known for his catchy dance songs, he has a sweet side. I think he is trying to be the man for all seasons. A bit of Majid Al Mohandis too--they arte both from Iraq.

Here's he song about how deep in his knees he is with that new love. Waleed has really occupied all the top spots in music charts, and he has done well for himself and for the artists he works with. He has many things right for him--one is his pronunciation. His sleek look, and incredible hair styles, his warmth but nothing compares to his fine music talent.

The locals love him and the Iraqis cannot escape him. He is certainly a trend-sitter.
وليد الشامي - روض العشق (حصرياً) | 2015


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