Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Much Anticipated Angham Album Arrives @Angham "Innocent Dreams"

Rotana is banking on Angham, she would be the biggest female pop star on their label--at least from Egypt. Angham is an artist who predates the music video craze and the whole pop thing. Sure she was a little girl then singing alongside her father, she is still be big force.

Here's her latest album which is her first in six years--she did release a mini album about four years ago. This is her big album and it must be the comeback her older fans are waiting for. To be blunt, her fans are now older and the younger folks have no idea why they like her. Now, the idea is to see if this album gives them a reason to fall in love with her. The album is meant to introduce young music listeners to Angham. It allows them to explore this classically trained artist who happens to do stellar pop songs.

Rotana is included 12 tracks here, and most of the song have been written by one guy--Ameer Taeema. He is good, but I have to hold judgment until I hear the entire album.

01 - Ahy Gat
02 - Atgah Wahed
03 - Ben Elbenen
04 - Tol Manta Baeed
05 - Aktablk Tahod
06 - Hata Naasa
07 - Ahlam Barya
08 - Fengan Elnesian
09 - Bakrah Elmosika
10 - Bahab Aghany
11 - Ganbak Makany
12 - Baaet Waheda

Angham … Ahlam Barya | انغام … احلام بريئة


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