Monday, October 19, 2015

Shame! Khaleejis Kill Yemenis And Sing For Them!

It's not secret that filthy rich Arabs in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are bombing Yemen to the dark ages. It's also a documented fact that many innocent Yemenis have perished as a result of this ill-fated war on that magical land that's Yemen.

Now one of the biggest artists in the Khaleej who comes from the UAE is Hussien Al Jassmi and he has a new song for the same country that his own government is bombing. Let's us not forget that dozens of good people from the UAE got killed in this war--because they suck as this war thing.

Hussain AlJassmi has also released a new song for the UAE government and army to offer them support as they wage war on the helpless people of Yemen. I have an idea for the UAE--Iran has been occupying your three islands for decades now, why not wage war on them? Or is it that Yemen is an easy target?

Hussain professes his love for Yemen and its people. But what he does not tell us is that his love means he would support them being bombed.
حسين الجسمي - محبوبتي (فيديو كليب) | 2015


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