Saturday, October 10, 2015

Omran Salem Fills Me With Sadness And Shame #Palestine #GazaUnderAttack

Now that all Palestine is's a song that inspires one to cry. 
This is a new song recorded by the son of Nablus Salem Omran, it's a song that should full every Arab with shame, and every Palestinian with sadness. A song that asks the Lord to come to the rescue and about the land of conflicts, but the artist does one clever thing, he includes footage of Egyptian talking heads talking shit on Palestine. There are sad times, there's only God, no brother no support from assholes. I think this is sad because this will for sure push the people of Gaza to radicalism. Salem did a great job here with his voice that's filled with humility and sadness. His voice promises many and delivers a lot more.

I know Israel is in the wrong--they just murdered four boys playing soccer on the beach, the images are too graphic. They say they are moral, and I hope they better not believe it.

This actually maybe good as the people of Gaza will learn to fend for themselves, and be resourceful and create something out of nothing. The lyrics are soft, but they have been written by Qassim Al Najjar the loudest folksy singer in Palestine. No matter what Egypt is always going to be close to us, not the regime of right now. Let's remember, it was the Egyptian administration who turned in Gaza to the Israelis in 1967. Palestinians at that time were banned from having guns.... and now people like Okasha and Amr Mostafa, they are enjoying the murder of Palestinians.

اغنية اااااه يا فلسطين - سالم عمران 2014


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