Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One Of Egypt's Finest Female Artists Stunning Return! @GhadaRajab

Ghada Rajab has finally found a winning formula...working with A list lyricists and musicians to allow her unattached vocal muscles to shine. The thing with Ghada is that she is super talented and has a wide range of vocal talents. She has not tried to be cool before, just an amazing vocalist who can deliver amazing songs. In my book when it comes to female artists in Egypt there are four big names--Ghada is on that list.

Now, it's 2015 and she is ready to compete on the pop turf and so far I am impressed by her new single. "Nawyalak" Aside from Ghada who is a world-class talent, look at the team....

Ghada Rajab - Nawyalak
Lyrics: Ayman Bahgat Amar
Composer : Amr Mostafa
Arranger : Tooma

These four names if not the biggest names in Egyptian pop are the greatest names. They know what works and they certainly know how to make a hit fly. It's a an upbeat song, with catchy lyrics that grab the listeners attention before it gets in the details. It's a song that shows both love and war all at once.
Ghada Rajab - Nawyalak / غادة رجب - ناويالك


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