Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Poor Millioner Pop Song Gets An Indie Makeover

Cairokee front man is giving a new lease on life for one once popular cult classic song. The song was originally by Medhat Saleh in the late 80s, it's about being happy despite being poor.  It was a cool song then and still relevant today. Medhat Saleh is still making great pop songs in addition to his live tarab performances.

The Egyptian has a new odd friend front man for Cairokee, Amer Eid who took it upon himself to do a cover for this classic and pay homage to this first-rate pioneer in pop songs. It's a fun and funny song that depicts the sense of humor many young people have where they are able to find joy despite not having the means.  
كايروكي اغنيه المليونيرات من برنامج صاحبه السعاده

أغنية المليونيرات - مدحت صالح YouTube


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