Sunday, October 18, 2015

#Ya_Yumma" Brings Mohammed Assaf Back to #Palestine @MohammedAssaf89

It took Assaf three weeks to release a song for Palestine in light of the Israeli madness and policy of execution of young Palestinian men and women. Assaf is been busy lately promoting that movie that talks about his life in paces like London and Dubai.

He wore his Palestinian scarf, and got the song going. This is a song he had to make, he may found himself an unenviable position that people were expecting him to do something. He still got the voice, some remind me this might have been an old song that Assaf is covering. It mentions a number of Palestinian towns that have revolted against the occupation.

The team behind the song sound like talents from Gaza, Palestine. I am not inspired it but I am pleased Assaf has still time for Palestine. The footage used for the song show a number of things that celebrate life in Palestine and young men who still have the fire.

Then Assaf gives a talk toward the end of the song dedicating it to the people who matter. He names the city of Jerusalem and its people too. I like how his songs pays homage to mothers in Palestine as suggested in the title.

يا يمّه هادي رجالك - محمد عساف Ya Yumma - Mohammed Assaf


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