Monday, October 12, 2015

The Voice Has Little Voice # MBCTheVoice

Mahmoud Abeidah started a bidding war on the Voice. The young singer did an impressive cover for an beloved Arabic song that sent the judges to fight with each other with hands. It seems that Sherine liked this guy first and wanted him to be on her team, but Assi Hillani wanted him as well but Sherine won't let him press that button.

Saber El Robaei also wanted him on his team, but still Sherine fought for him and won. Sherine added Mahoud to her lineup of artists despite all the interest from the other judges. Meanwhile, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Palestine are not doing well and losing young men and women every minute.

But Sherine was grateful, she thanked God for allowing her to get this talent on her side. He is a good singer with a nice voice. I am not sure what is his story, but he hails form Egypt and he does look like every other young Arab man and woman in the Arab streets. The song he did a cover for is a track form Fayza Ahmed's.

محمود عبيدة - يا حلاوتك يا جمالك - مرحلة الصوت وبس - MBCTheVoice


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