Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Don't Care What He Says! Ramy Sabry Is The Next Amr Diab--New Song

Ramy Sabry is about to release a fresh pop album and I am honesty excited for it. Why? Ramy Sabry is a gifted composer, and a savvy singer, he picks winners and sounds so good. Here's one single form the album and it checks out all the box.

Ramy sounds here like himself but with fresher music and crispier lyrics. The sound arrangement shows thoughtful work. He may deny that he is the next Amr Diab, but when it comes to making top-notch songs, he has no rivals.

Ramy wrote the music for this song "Nefsaha Teshofni", a song about the emotional state and the mind games one in love has to endure. Do we go to the loved one or do we play it cool? Not the first song tackling this topic, but Ramy is one of the few ones who did it so well. It really reminds me of an Amr Diab song "We Heyah 'Amlah Eih Delwaqit
Nefsaha Teshofni - Ramy Sabry نفسها تشوفنى - رامى صبرى


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