Monday, October 5, 2015

The Late Tunisian Zekra Came Back To Life On The Voice! #MBCTheVoice

The Voice on MBC has four amazing vocalists, pop stars and musicians who represent the top of the food chain. They also get a large share of serious vocalists who may have the voice, but lack in other departments or lack in age.

Enter the stage Hadir, a young singer whose voice reminded the judges and the audience of a beloved legend of Zikra, the capable vocalist who was gunned down more than a decade a go in tragic events. Hadir is different for sure, but her voice has elements that we recall too well form Zikra's voice.

Haidr left a big impression on Sherine who gave her a big hug and she broke in tears upon making that connection. Hadir did chose to do a cover of a tough song by Zikra that is neither well-known or an easy performance. Hadir aced it and finally she chose to join the team of Iraqi Kadem El Saher.

#MBCTheVoice - هدير يوسف – الصدفة خلتنا نحب - مرحلة الصوت وبس


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