Thursday, October 15, 2015

Syrian Vocalist Assala Sets Her Sight On The Khaleej-#Aqoba

One of the best things that Assala did was to stop talking politics. Not that she was wrong, but that her critics were many and she got to the level where she has become an activist who took a stand on a losing battle. The versatile Syrian vocalist released a sweet album earlier this year and we fill in love with it. It's was an pan Arab pop album that blends so many musical styles and uses lyrics in Egyptian and Lebanese/Syrian.

Now she is ready to release her third album using the Khaleej dialect. Assala did very well singing in that regional dialect and she was able actually to dazzle even the big names in music. For starter, she has the voice, the emotional range and she gets to work with the top names in lyrics and music in that region.

Here's a single that will be included in that yet to be released album. A song about punishment, pretty fresh passionate poetry here.
Assala - Aqoba | اصاله - عقوبه