Friday, October 2, 2015

The Amazing @JadShwery Delivers With @yara_lb A Canned Wedding

This is a classic music video about a proposal, a guy meets girl, guy falls in love with girl. Then the guy goes for the proposal....and it's cute. I mean this was a good song to begin with, when it was released we could not stop playing it over and over. But then this is a music video by the colorful Jad Shwery.

As a guy I do not feel this music video is geared toward me, but rather a music video meant to make little girls swoon. For starter, there is a young model who is playing the part of the future Mr. Yara, and to be frank he looks a lot younger than Yara. The outfit choice for Yara's first scene does not seem to add up.  She has always been soft and chic, I do not see it here.

Maybe I have watched many wedding movies, and actually weddings, but I think this music video is riddled with one cliche after another. I do not like blonde Yara here, it makes her look like someone she is not.

Now comes the wedding shot with Yara, she is back to her lovely self and being the butterfly she has always been. She surely shines in that wedding scene and the surrounding works well.I do not think Yara makes a great actress, but as a songstress she is flawless.

Again this is a cute music video that feels happy, but I do not think offers anything fresh. Even the opening scene seems forced or awkward at worst. The good thing, this is a good location and a wonderful set, the elder actors deliver some credibility to this music video.

Maybe I am being to hard on this music video, just maybe that I like the song too much to be neutral. I exeocted more from Jad, he is way more than talented to do this song justice.    
Yara - Beyt Habibi [Official Clip] - يارا - بيت حبيبي


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