Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jana Sticks It To Her Ex And His Bimbo- Feek W Fiha @JanaOnlineWorld

Those who spend time in Lebanon, they know that cursing is a very common daily activity in that country. Vulgarity happens a lot at every sitting too, and sometimes if you do not know the local Lebanese customs, you may be scared---you should not.
That's relevant because now we have a new single by new comer Jana who takes that route by insulting her ex and his new love--a former friend of hers.

The song is a fighting song, it starts with to hell with you and her or even worse terms. But the song has already unleashed much fury in places like Egypt. But they do not know that these Lebanese lyrics are not as angry as they sound. So, she got the singing, the composing and the writing (her father is a poet) done, but she also has some dancing chops. She is a graduate of the respected TV show "Studio El Fan" This is not the first bold song by Jana, as she did another single in 2012 titled "Bent Min Al Charii" which roughly translates to "girl from the street" as in someone who has little class or grace.

The nice thing is that Jana did write these lyrics which give her a lot more credibility on the subject matter. Then the music have been crafted by Wissam El Amir and the production by Mark Abdel Nour which makes a solid A team. This is light pop song that does something real without having to be over the board. Jana makes a welcome addition to Lebanese pop.  This is yet another hit single from a young and promising pop songstress.
Jana - Feek W Fiha [Official Lyric Video] / جنى - فيك وفيها


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