Friday, October 16, 2015

Abbas Abboud: The Charming Iraqi Floridian Pianist @AbbasPianist

The other day, I was introduced to an exciting young Iraqi pianist who resides in the great state of Florida where he performed many of his classically inspired musical numbers. The son of the historic Iraqi city of Basra found his way to the States away from war where he can focus on his music craft and take it a wider audience.

It's a fact that the piano has attracted more soloists than any other instrument. Every top artist has his or her own personal ‘voice’ - a unique artistic ethos, style and sound. And Abbas Aboud is no different than the many accomplished pianists who have made their own mark on this instrument.

A Pianist with over 20 years of experience; Highly innovative and successful professional with a strong expertise in the art of composing original and playing classical for live audiences. Considered one of the most successful classical pianists in the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Abboud has the technical ability, the following and the improvisation talent.

When you meet Abboud, you will know that he is the down to earth type who happens to be specially gifted for his age and his choice of music. This celebrated young artists deserves to be in the biggest concert halls where his talent comes to shine. Iraqis never stop inspiring us with stories of survival in the face of adversity. It's not easy the path chosen by Abboud, but it's where his gift is and He has the right stuff. One thing I do like is his fabulous style.  

Chopin Grand Polonaise Brillante Op.22



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