Monday, January 31, 2011

The Black List: Egyptian Celebrities for Mubarak

This is El3ar Al 3ar list, the list of shame in Arabic for all those Mubarak apologists and sympathizers who have also hated, defamed or called for the killing of the Tahrir protesters,
Sure before January 25, 2011, there were almost no one who dares to criticize the Egyptian dictator Hosny Mubarak, now a lot more speak out against him and a lot more speaking for change. I have complied a list of brown nose celebrities who are still sucking up to the president and have forgotten the lives that have been lost. Those celebrities need to remember one thing, it's the love of the people who made them celebrities not the regime. It's the people who form their fan base, not the politicians. Maybe the people are wrong to celebrate such celebrities becasue they celebrities seem not to appreciate that and instead place bigger value on people in power more than common people who are your power.

Those opportunistic jerks want to slow down the momentum and now after all this they come out talking about the protests and urging the Egyptian youth to go home....To these intellectually disabled celebrities, everything good happens in Egypt, it's becasue Mubarak did it, the bad things he is not the one to blame. I do not get it! No one says that stars should all agree or think alike, but they do not have to bail out a rotten regime. Now here is my list with a link to a story that ended those Egyptian clowns into my shit list:

  1. Randa Hafiz, wants the youth to go home now and not to speak ill of the President. Randa even says she is a working girl and has been working since she was 16. that's almost as laughable as Lady Gaga claim to being a freak. Here is the link
  2. Shazaa, the Egyptian singer wants the youth to go home and stop messing with the stability of Egypt like it was ever stable--she means keep the status quo. She went on Facebook calling it a conspiracy against the president for the Jews! I did not know your music makes people that stupid. Here is the link
  3. Talat Zakaria, the Egyptian clown who had a meeting with baba Hosny few months ago now comes out and say the President told him back then that neither he or Gamal-his son will run for office. Now the clown remembers that. The funny thing Talat thinks he is the spokesperson for the President now. Here is the link But more recently he has been using dirty tactics by claiming that crazy sex and drug parties all over the Tahrir square. Of course Talat forgot to mention he had a pornographic birthday party for his daughter Omimah. They have also said, Tahrir square protesters are also Muslim brothers members, so sex parties at the Muslim brotherhood watch sounds silly (watch the video of those outlandish claims). Link
  4. Tamer Hosny, the Kanaye West of Egypt that one that always has comments about everything and anything is now making phone calls to TV networks asking the youth to go home and stop the protest. Maybe now they can afford to go to one of your concerts where girls jump all over you. Never mind most of the intellectual youth in Egypt hate your gut, you can keep the teenagers. I would like to remind this A list celebrity "A for a$$hole" while the brave young men where standing tall in the Tahrir square he was in a concert in the Netherlands. Here is the link
  5. Mai Kassab, the Egyptian singer turned actress wants to have it both ways, she says the people have just demands and she hopes the new government can make them a reality. Mai also happens to believe the moon is made out of cheese. Maybe she should stick to making B movies. Here is the link
  6. Ghada Abel Razik was the first Egyptian actress to voice her unequivocal support for her president Hosny Mubarak. And she has also boycotted whoever called to bring him and his regime down. the porn grade actress called people names and insulted her peers who disliked the president. Maybe the President will allow her to make full pron motion pictures now as she voiced her support. Link Here But this is not that easy, here is why she lead the pack who stood for Mubarak and insulted the protesters...her daughter was appointed as a pilot by the Ahmad Shafiq, the current Prime Minister in Egypt and former head of the Egyptian Aviation Authority. Who commission the actress to lead the efforts to defame the protesters in exchange for hiring her daughter, even though Egypt Air was not hiring at the time. Link
  7. Amro Mustafa, is a smart musician but a stupid person. He took part of a demonstration for Mubarak. He is a mouthpiece for the regime and in his past he tries to work the with Egyptian ruling party to do propaganda on the school children thought music. The apparently high singer called the people at the Tahrir square a fifth column and hang up the phone in anger. Maybe you should go back to Spain where you spend most of your time making music and let the sane deal with life. Link Here
  8. Zeina, the gorgeous Egyptian actress that has never acting in her life, instead she always behaves on camera and play the cute girlfriend to some dude. She participated in a rally to preserve the mighty president. Zina thinks that Hosny is her father and the father of all Egyptians. Aside from the weird daddy issue Zina clearly has, It's easy to say that when you do not ever talk to poor people and when you get people to shop, cook and clean for you. Link Here
  9. Adel Imam, the always horny and almost never funny anymore Egyptian actor was the first to call the protesters names and insult them, then he came back and denied those quotes. Sure for the past 20 years he has been singing praises to King Mubarak and his band of thieves. So sorry Adel, but you actually said those things and have praised Gamal as the next guy. Here is the link
  10. Ola Ghanem, Egypt's closest actress to a porn star, fears the brotherhood coming and wants the protesters to leave. Ola who is married to an American businessman spends most of her time outside Egypt and when she is in Egypt she is busy making movies where she almost always takes off her clothes and enrages in sexual acts. I can see her fear of the brotherhood, it's not good for her kind business. worse yet, she says the tug attacks on camels and horses was not a big deal and the foreign media blew it out of proportion! Link
  11. Hassan Shehata, the coach for the Egyptian national soccer team organized a rally in support of Hosny Mubarak, he even got on top of the car and asked the president to stay for more years as a president. Sorry old zombie man, where have you been for the past 10 days? Hassan claims to be talking for millions of Egyptians. If this is true, where have these people been? Maybe you should go back and re-learn how to win in soccer. You can blame this solid Mubarak man for the absence of the soccer player from participating in the protest. Why? Shehata would make sure that anyone who protest Mubarak will never wear the Egypt jersey on a soccer field. Here is the link
  12. Ahmad Al Saka (Saqqa, Sa'a) the phenomenal box office champ and perhaps most respectable actor has lost his way. He says he is neutral on the matter, but he does not want President Hosny to leave right away. Not sure why that would be? I think Ahmad seems to be out of touch here with the majority of the people protesting and he risks a lot. No one asks him to share his opinion, but it seems he is in the minority. Yesterday he changed his tone and trying to fix their mess by saying that the protesters should rule Egypt Link to video. Look no further than the comments on the news story to see the trouble he is in Link
  13. Ibrahim and Hossam Hassan, the twins who over see Zamalik Club, the second most popular sport club in Egypt led a protest against the protest and chanted in support of Uncle Hosny. Prominent soccer players such as Ibrahim is the bigger losers of twins for calling in and ranting on TV with what could be the most idiotic thing ever been said about anything. Say it isn't so, but people are not like soccer ball, no one should kick them around. Here is the link
  14. Shikabala, Ahmad Hossam Mido and Wael Jum'a tried to tell the protesters at the Tahrir square to go home. They urge people to go back to work, maybe if the people had work, they might not have protested in the first place.Some of them appeared on TV to push the Mubarak agenda. Link
  15. Essam Al Hadary, the trouble maker goalie who just been suspended for his trouble with his former club Al Ahli came to the defense of uncle Mubarak and took part of the Mubarak support rally. The goalie who changes clubs faster he can change his shirt is out of luck on this one. Essa Al Hadary's job is not let any ball pass him, he seems to have let one get pass him this time Link
  16. Most if not all soccer players have stayed away from the protesters and have either asked them to return home or have just given Mubarak the benefit of the doubt. Abu Treika, the most popular soccer player in the Arab world who is also Egyptian showed up on Friday with flag and he prayed next to the protesters, few hours later Mubarak was out of power. Maybe he should have appeared in Tahrir sooner? But most people know Abu Treika had no love for Mubarak to begin with. Up and coming player Geddo seems to have managed to survive this by donating blood and not taking part of any protests. Link Link
  17. Mohammad Fouad is known as the heart of Egypt, made a phone call appealing with the protesters to go home. He seems to be heart broken and wants the protest to stop. Foad offered to kiss the feet of the protesters to get them to walk away. He brought Gaza, Palestine, UAE and Saudi Arabia into this, I think he was crying. His phone call was rather strange. He loves his Hosny Mubarak and wants him to be respected, he even sounded like a cheerleader for the now former dictator. His voice is not in the minority and the man he defended ran way just like that Link
  18. Mohammad Nour, the cute boy band singer wins the gold, he actually took the time to record a song apologizing to the President ans asking him to forgive them for they have sinned. Like all those who have seen the worst on the Mubarak regime do not count. This guy lives in an alternative universe. I do not even have the stomach to hear this gibberish song, life is too short. Tell that to Khalid Said, the young man from Alexandria that was tortured to death for no reason. Link
  19. Shams Al Baroudy, the retired Egyptian actress who happens to be a pious figure and a God fearing figure is also a Mubarak fearing/loving person. Her and her husband actor Hassan Yousef want the people to apologize to the president for hurting this feelings. Why do these morons treat the president like a little girl/boy who cannot stand the heat? Here is the link
  20. Tamer Amin, the Egyptian talk show host who has done more damage to the State sponsored TV in Egypt than any other host. If they State wanted to spread a lie about the protesters, if they wanted to discredit them demonstrations, they all go to Tamer Amin who would repeat those accusations like a parrot. He is one of those Mubarak foot soldiers and this the protesters hated his gut and his bogus charges. Link
  21. Samah Anwar had the harshest words for the protesters "Burn them with all you got", bombs, nukes anything to get them to walk away. I usually refrain from criticizing people who have not done anything significant in years, but her comments make her one of the top loser as she has yet to apologize for her call to bring more death and destruction upon the people of Egypt. Was she trying to be funny or was she that stupid to make such comments? Link to video
  22. Dalal Abdel Aziz, the Egyptian actress that has a broad fan base due to her very long history in movies and TV dramas. She cam ion full support of President Mubarak, not just that she brought in her family into this. Her husband is Samir Ghanim and funny man and her daughters who are fairly popular in the Egyptian entertainment also voiced support for the dictator. There are even reports of Dalal Abdel Aziz calling the protesters on Al Hayat TV a bunch of gays and homosexuals, but I cannot find the video but here is a Facebook page with that accusation. Link
  23. Ahmad Ezz, the actor not the politician had no love for the Tahrir protesters, he took part of a Mubarak support rally and wanted to go to Tahrir to tell the protesters to go home. Now he is going back and changing his word, but I think we all know what you meant Mr. I am too handsome to have any thinking of my own. Too bad, I thought you an an actor with an independent persona Link
  24. Haitham Shaker, the draft dodging singer who was imprisoned along with Tamer Hosny for forging army letters stating they have served in the army while they have not. Took part of a rally to support the Mubarak regime. Haitham's most recent hit was titled, Asli Qadeem, "I am Old School" just the way Haithm likes his dictator I guess. While he did not say anything mean about the protesters, feel free to see his picture in the support Mubarak rally. Link
  25. Mona Zaki, I cannot really figure what what she is saying on live TV she spoke for Mubarak and for the Tahrir Square. She really loved Mubarak and she does not like the protesters lack patience, and their stubbornness. She also had nice words about the protesters. It seems that she is speaking from both sides of her mouth. Link

محمد نور حقك علينا -اعتذار للرئيس مبارك

سماح أنور تدعو لحرق الثوار بميدان التحرير - Samah Anwar

إبراهيم حسن مدير الكرة بالزمالك يسىء لشباب التحرير ثورة 25 يناير

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Mona Zaky Live call in support of Mubarak


  1. thank you for the information

  2. Smah Anwar should be added to the black list too after her comments about burning all the protesters in Tahrir squrer!

  3. Why are you critcising these people for voicing their opinions? As much as the protesters have a right to protest, then these "celebrities" have a right to protest against them surely?

  4. This is not about their opinion, this is about insulting the others...inciting violence, asking to burn them, accusing them of being secret agents and sometimes calling them un Egyptians. Those people have the right to say what they like, but what they do not have the right is to defame others. Thanks

  5. Mona Zaki rang Mubasher with Amr Adib to tell him how upset she was with everyone in Tahrir, because they were being stubborn.She also, went on to say that we live in a liberal country and enjoy more freedom than aywhere else in the world, as well as saying that Mubarak has done alot for this country, particulalry in terms of rights. Here is the link

  6. Thanks, I updated it the article and added the videos. Every day some new dirt comes up. Did you know that the actress Zeina went to London?

  7. What about noted archeology ego Zahi Hawass, who quite happily took a position in Mubarak's last cabinet, only to suddenly "discover" after the fall of Mubarak that some of Egypt's treasured objects were missing from the museum he controlled?

  8. Yeah, I never liked this guy, he is a big ego...but I have not found any statements to say he is against the protest. He might be the one who stole them.

  9. we don't care about ur black list, we adore adel emam and we admire the egyptian team and many of the people u mentioned above and i don't think you ever made a black list about hollywood actors who supported bush who gave his orders to kill people in iraq and who supports israel ,unfortunatly,u and the arabic people keep going to their movies and make them gain more money so ur black list has really no meaning

  10. @Anonymous above me

    Well, why don't the Americans make a blacklist for Hollywood? The guy who made this is an Arab, and he is criticizing Arab celebrities who firmly stood against the protesters who were fighting for their rights.

    Your comment really has no meaning.

  11. Can we get an updated post-coup list. That would be AWESOME