Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Notorious Lebanese Melissa A Healthy No Drama Entertainer

Lebanese B list model turned songstress Melissa may have the golden heart, and the best manners. For all we know she might be a saint who has to do what she has been doing.

I do not think, it's her fault that she was born this way, she has not apologized for people attraction toward her. She seems to live her live in private and not get us all tuned into her personal drama. Maybe it's easy to have a good life when you have not done much with your life. The reason those stars are in the spotlight is because we took or like something they offer.

In this age, it seems this is the wrong thing to do, media likes drama, we are suckers from drama--it's collective our guilty pleasure. Now there are many conservatively dressed songstresses that have so many things going wrong in their lives.

Melissa does not have that kind of tension, she seems to be mange her life in a healthy way. So, those who might get mad at her for her outfits, they might be just looking at the half picture, and not the entire package. Again, I might be wrong, but other celebrities--I won't name seem to enjoy the spotlight even if the cost was their dignity or their family.

Melissa - Kam Sana ميليسا - كام سنة HDTV


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