Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Very Sweet Naji Osta Unleahses "Heik" 2015 The Ladies Album @OstaNaji #HeikNajiOsta2015

Naji sounds like a flirt but he is also a handsome man as well. His album is pretty special, it feels like he is performing with a specific lady on mind. Really, it seems like he is having an intimate conversation with her. Each song is a different topic that vary from "I love you so very much," "you really hurt me and broke my heart", to "get along with my mother". He kept is sweet for certain and this once he chose to sing an Egyptian song that is actually not bad.

A different topic Naji tackles which is how spouses might be less than kind with their mothers in law. This is a real problem and a tough balancing act. Sure some mothers can be troublemakers and too much to handle. But some spouses are mean to the old ladies and try to break them apart. Naji delivers one of the best love songs that has ever created. Naji sides with mothers in this side andhe managed not to alienate his spouse.

Well-done Naji Osta, he has told great stories here and to be frank all my family members appreciate his songs and your voice. Naji is becoming one of the most bankable pop artists.  
01 - Heik
02 - Chou Sayir Aalayna
03 - Wakhed Bali
04 - Ya Tofl Zghir
05 - Eh Naam
06 - Ghaddara
07 - Kel L Nas Btekbar
08 - Ma Byokhlasou

Naji Osta - Eh Naam (Official Music Video) / ناجي اسطا - ايه نعم


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