Monday, July 11, 2011

Remember When Nancy Ajram Caused Uproar in Jordan

Jordan's number one music festival is making a comeback after 4 years of being gone due to various factors, the biggest of which the festival brings naked entertainers to entertain the unemployed youth. That was the biggest problem with it, plus Islamists wanted to bring it down due to the cover politicians use to bring those shows. There might have been some corruption involved too.

The Jarash Festival 2011 is going to make the news again, but I am one of those who grew up enjoying watching on TV concerts held there, back then there was no naked entertainers at all. I think thought 2003 was the biggest flop year for the concert as they invited back then up and coming pop singer Nancy Ajram, and everyone was there at the concert.

There were the politicians, important figures in Jordan/s business, politics and tourism. The and King was and has always been the official sponsor of the festival. Then came Nancy with one of her lowest moment in that dress that leaves little to the imagination. If you read Arabic, then you will enjoy this very funny rant about the dress. To her credit Nancy has not dressed like this ever again.


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