Friday, July 1, 2011

Jordinain Aziz Maraka Dazzles Spain

Born in Tunisia in 1983, lived there for 10 years, and then moved back to Amman Jordan where he lived a normal life. But he has always gravitated toward music and art, he has his keyboard, then later studies Piano in London.

I must say, as an artist, I am influenced by certain events or phases that I have experienced in my life. War is certainly one of these.

Maraka was not too keen on Classical performance, but he has felt that writing music is his own thing. To build on his skills, attended the Music Academy of Jordan in 2001 for a year, then I was granted a scholarship to study in America where I finished my Bachelor studies in Music Composition. And this born an indie star in Africa, Asia and North America in his journey to take his music to the world.

Watch Aziz takes his who to Casa Arabe in Madrid where he appeared with his band. If you are into jazz, rock or Arabic melodes, you might want to Join his Facebook to keep tabs on where he might be popping next

Aziz Maraka Live at Casa Arabe - Madrid


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