Sunday, August 19, 2012

حلا الترك - زهقانة | Little Rascal Hala AL Turk - Zahgana

Kids cannot get into clubs, but who to say they cannot sing to club music? Ask Hala Al Turk who might be the cutest Arab kid in the entertainment business. She has lots of fans all over the Arab world, but she is also growing fast too.

She brought another boy for the music video of hers, where they are both bored, they want to go around the world eating popcorn and drinking juice. She leaves home and travels around the world with her brother. She travles in style too.

She also sends her parents post card and gifts from the places they visited. For me, this song is a mixed bag but that does not stop it from being entertaining.

حلا الترك - زهقانة | Hala AL Turk - Zahgana


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