Friday, November 21, 2014

Elissa Unleashes Her Inner Bunny In "Hob Kol Hayati" @elissakh

Elissa is being pimped out by Rotana, and they picked a very cold season to air our her summer song on the beach. A love song that feels breezy and has a kick...filmed in a private beach where parties are a sure thing. For the first time, you see other women sharing the screen with Elissa the bunny. There has always been cute guys with her...but this time Elissa feels comfortable bring other good looking friends for the party.

As all her music videos, she pulls the girl in love look, lots of cellphones and selfies, but also a pool and wet clothes going for sexy. Elissa shows off some serious skin and some lean figure here and not to be forgotten the fancy phone that paid for this song. The song is about love, when it's disconnected from Elissa's personal reality.

I think this is the first song by Elissa where there are other people who get screen time other than her and her boy toy. That roller coaster is pretty rad, how about some cotton candy from the fair? Why not since you are 12 years old. I have not clue what she seeks to accomplish with those bunny ears, she had them on her album cover, she had them in the first music video and they make an appearance in the second music video.

This is a good song, entertaining and it does what Elissa does sell fantasies of dreams and hot men. But then she never have been in a relationship before. The only relationship she has is with her bank account and her phone. I think one thing is true, people are getting old for her songs, and she is winning some newer demographic, but not as fast as she is losing them. Rotana has been good to her and she has been a consistent hit-maker and a concert magnet.

Elissa ... Hob Kol Hayati - Video Clip | إليسا ... حب كل حياتي - فيديو كليب


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